Competency Management

An organisation’s workforce is its most important asset but also its most likely source of risk exposure.

Organisations require appropriate policies, processes and procedures in place to:

  • Measure performance, reduce organisational risk exposure and support continuous improvement
  • Achieve desired quality standards for content and delivery of the products and services it provides
  • Maintain competitive advantage in changing markets
  • Maintain organisational knowledge for business continuity

soLearn provides a readily accessible management tool to support  your organisation in meeting these key competency requirements by:

  • Providing the ability to readily monitor and evaluate effective retention of knowledge gained through a variety of means
  • Enabling knowledge updates in line with legislative change and developments in organisational objectives
  • Providing an audit trail of competencies (not simply training records) for various compliances such as ISO, CMMI, CSR and Health & Safety legislation
  • Encouraging ownership at all levels of your organisation through proactive involvement

soLearnTM knowledge retention software measures workforce competency and reduces organisational risk