soLearn offers ultimate flexibility for comprehensive and rigorous e-Assessment

  • sophisticated assessment engine allows you to tailor and control your own tests and assessments easily and quickly
  • powerful workflow engine makes scaling to thousands of users simple and with VERY LOW admin overhead 
  • flexible 'question banks' fully under your control to facilitate linked learning, 'gateway tests' and more
  • ideal for pre-assessment of knowledge and skills prior to training
  • easy, cost effective and timely post training evaluation
  • comprehensive reporting give factual basis for measuring knowledge and skills enhancement
  • soLearn is a valuable aid in evaluating training using the Kirkpatrick framework
  • fully hosted Software As A Service (SaaS) product : be up in running in days
  • ultra low cost : just £25 per user per year (volume discounts available)

Contact us for more information on how soLearn can be tailored to your organisation and its eAssessment needs.