Corporate knowledge & compliance management software

Welcome to solearnTM

The knowledge retention
and e-assessment tool for:

  • Testing employee knowledge of organisational issues, processes, procedures and values
  • Continuously assessing knowledge retention from employee training
  • Reducing workforce and organisational risk exposure
  • Providing auditable records, trends and management statistics for knowledge retention, compliance and quality management
  • Polling your workforce on important issues

soLearnTM places clear responsibilities on managers and team leaders to ‘own’ workforce development and share this responsibility with individual employees by creating a framework where they are required to participate and demonstrate, through evaluation and assessment, that:

  • They have understood and implemented good practice
  • They understand overall policy
  • They have embedded agreed process and procedure into their day to day practice.

Outstanding value for money: fully hosted service

soLearnTM knowledge retention and compliance management software offers value for money knowledge retention testing for an employee or a whole workforce.

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