How soLearnTM works

Using soLearnTM follows six easy steps.

The approach is the same whether you are testing a small but detailed procedure or process on a specific group of staff or evaluating awareness and understanding in the whole workforce on a wider policy or culture change programme.

Click on each step to see more detail:

Step 1 – identify the issue, process or knowledge area you wish to evaluate
Step 2 – identify the target group of staff you wish to assess
Step 3 – identify what ‘good’ or ‘best practice looks like
Step 4 – develop multiple choice questions to test the knowledge/process area
Step 5 – launch your soLearn campaign with the target group of staff
Step 6 – campaign manager produces reports, analyses results and targets further actions as required

Click to enlargeThe diagram illustrates a typical soLearn process flow. The example shows how soLearn can be used to provide a visible audit trail of how your organisation has trained and developed its people and monitored and evaluated their knowledge retention. soLearn can be applied to virtually any industry, process or training scenario. The sequence of events and the content and frequency of emails sent out to staff are fully customisable.


soLearnTM knowledge retention software puts you in complete control. Question text, follow up timescales, response text, direction to reference/source material etc can be customised by you to suit your exact needs.