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Top 8 reasons why you should use a compliance management tool in your organisation

Establishing effective policies and procedures does not begin and end with business compliance. It takes the right amount of collaboration, the right types of distributive mediums, and most important the right methods to measure understanding.

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How to Measure Business Coaching Success

It is important that an organisation knows exactly how much value its coaching and mentoring programs bring to their company, and if they were worth the thousands of pounds they cost to invest in. It is interesting to note that research found that only 20% of organisations frequently measure their improvement strategies. soLearn provides you with the help that you need.

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How to overcome ineffective staff training and stop losing money

Making sure your staff receive training on their job is beneficial to both the employees and the company. When used and measured effectively, employee training can help an organisation stay ahead of competitors, increase productivity, boost profit, develop staff’ skills and achieve fast business growth.

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Why should you measure training knowledge retention?

All companies investing in staff training want to see improved skills and productivity, greater contribution to the organisation and more importantly, business growth. Unfortunately, many managers provide corporate training to their teams without ever finding out the answers to some pretty essential questions such as

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Benefits of using a knowledge management solution in your company

According to science (more specifically: Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve), your employees will forget up to 50% of what they just learned within an hour without revisiting the material. soLearn provides with a long term effective knowledge management solution that assist you to overcome this problem.

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Are you GDPR ready?

In order to become GDPR compliant, companies must take several technical measures in order to protect the personal data they collect and process, but they will also need to take several organisational measures, including GDPR employees training.

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solearn joins forces and launches as a new seperate Company

With its vast potential for growth, soLearn, previously trading as a trade name of Line Business Services Ltd, has been set up and established as a new separate trading entity.

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