How to Measure Business Coaching Success
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Business coaching is used when a company requires new skills or more advanced abilities that are holding their employees back from progression, or a positive enterprise.

Coaching and mentoring depends on the engagement issues that need to be perused by a company or by specific staff. Mentoring occurs when a more experienced and knowledgeable business coach, benefit recipients with knowledge and insights based on their personal experience and practice.

Coaching is designed specifically for the employees in order to become efficacious but results must be measurable. It is important that all participants concur with the target as communication is key; building trust promotes honesty about issues that need to be addressed to improve constructiveness in the workplace.

Mentoring and coaching will have set goals to be reached. Goals can either be business, or cultural and behavioural change related and many different methods and techniques can be used to measure effectiveness. Measuring with assessments and surveys identify whether the employees have met their objectives and confirm areas that still need to be focused on during the mentoring program to achieve the intended goals.

A simple change in the workplace environment or economics can display the effectiveness of business coaching, but if nothing changes, it is likely that the coaching methods used are clearly not successful and need to be developed.

For this reason, it is important that an organisation knows exactly how much value its coaching and mentoring programs bring to their company, and if they were worth the thousands of pounds they cost to invest in. It is interesting to note that research found that only 20% of organisations frequently measure their improvement strategies (Source: Full Potential Group).

soLearn provides you with the help that you need. soLearn is an easy, single online portal program that allows you to manage all your staffs' training and knowledge management. Automated processes are put in action to not only measure but to ameliorate the perception retention. soLearn helps organisations avoid wasting money by implementing an efficient and measurable knowledge management solution. soLearn offers customisation of the client’s exact needs in providing a personalised SaaS solution.

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