Benefits of using a knowledge management solution in your company
soLearn is Your Ultimate Knowledge Management Tool

According to science (more specifically: Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve), your employees will forget up to 50% of what they just learned within an hour without revisiting the material. soLearn provides with a long term effective knowledge management solution that assist you to overcome this problem.

Benefits of using a knowledge management solution in your company include:

Measuring the efficiency of staff training

Following a knowledge management strategy helps you measure the training outcomes and the extent to which employees apply the skills from the training to their job. Every employee is an asset, therefore their contribution to the growth of the business should always be identified and measured.

Evaluating compliance with process and procedures

Having effective policies and procedures in place is not enough in order to be compliant with any type of regulation including the upcoming GDPR. You also need to have the right type of distributive medium, the right amount of collaboration, and the right method to measure understanding.

All of these things can cost a company an enormous amount of time, money and energy, but with a knowledge software solution like soLearn you can automate everything in order to increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.

Improving the efficiency for recruitment, induction and on-boarding of resources

An effective knowledge management system helps you identify the processes or value options that you need prospective shortlisted candidates to demonstrate their knowledge awareness of, before interviewing them.

Increasing the focus on driving business results

By using a knowledge management solution you can make sure all your business objectives are aligned and all your employees' work supports the company's mission. This ensures a continuing focus on key business objectives and profitability.

Communicating important information widely and quickly

Almost everyone today needs information in order to do their jobs, but how can you make sure that your staff receive information that is targeted and useful? The soLearn knowledge management solution addresses this organisational need through personalised portals, follow up timescales, response text and direction to reference/source material to enhance knowledge awareness.

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