Top 8 reasons why you should use a compliance management tool in your organisation
soLearn is Your Ultimate Compliance Management Tool

All companies, regarding of their type, size and location, must prove compliance with a specific set of laws, regulations and standards. Establishing effective policies and procedures does not begin and end with business compliance. It takes the right amount of collaboration, the right types of distributive mediums, and most important the right methods to measure understanding.

If you are an organisation that:

  1. Has its own policies, procedures and processes
  2. Wants to reduce risk from getting compliance wrong 
  3. Needs to demonstrate compliant working practices 
  4. Operates in an industry driven by regulation/compliance 
  5. Wants to maximise the benefit of knowledge awareness to its staff
  6. Use a distributed/ multi-site workforce/ Buys in labour – contractors/ agency staff
  7. Needs to ‘adapt and push’ specific policies and procedures to your workforce at short notice to fit specific environments
  8. Require your workforce to have awareness of your operating processes and procedures to operate anywhere at anytime

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soLearn enables you to forward your policies and processes to staff, volunteers or contractors anywhere in the world, in any language and more importantly presents a set of tailored questions to check understanding. A complete audit trail is retained and can be analysed in multiple ways. 

The system is simple to use, scalable, and cost effective. There is no need for you to purchase and maintain expensive compliance software, soLearn is a cloud based hosted solution purchased on an annual licence fee per employee.  It can be accessed from any connected internet or mobile device.

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WHY SOLEARN? What makes soLearn different to other e-learning products?

ACCESSIBLE WORLD-WIDE soLearn is a fully hosted system, provided under an SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

MOBILE FRIENDLY soLearn works as well on a mobile device as it does on a large screen.

Outstanding value for money: fully hosted service!

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