How to overcome ineffective staff training and stop losing money
soLearn is Your Ultimate Knowledge Management Tool

There has been a massive shift over recent years in the attitude employees have toward training. In the past staff training was often avoided, being considered boring and irrelevant, nowadays more and more employees want courses that can support them in performing their jobs better and developing personally.

Recent research by Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning reveals that 74% of UK workers are afraid of not achieving their full professional potential and want to attend more training courses on the job. They have the confidence that training will help them improve their skills and achieve self-growth.

Making sure your staff receive training on their job is beneficial to both the employees and the company. When used and measured effectively, employee training can help an organisation stay ahead of competitors, increase productivity, boost profit, develop staff’ skills and achieve fast business growth

Unfortunately, many companies are wasting time and money because they are not training or evaluating their staff training effectively. According to Grovo, ineffective training can cost a business $13.5 million per year per 1000 employees.

soLearn offers a knowledge management, workforce development & performance evaluation tool that not only helps you measure the effectiveness of any training course, but also contains tools to evaluate knowledge retention.

soLearn is a smart and innovative knowledge management tool that can target learning by encouraging the revision of weaker knowledge areas, triggering retests in specific topic areas until the user demonstrates the desired level of proficiency.

Employees  have their own password controlled portal that gives them totally secured access to their personal training history, whilst managers and those conducting the training have instant access to real time reports that enable them to drill down and see who has done what, when how well they have done. More details on how soLearn works can be found here.

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WHY SOLEARN? What makes soLearn different to other e-learning products?

ACCESSIBLE WORLD-WIDE soLearn is a fully hosted system, provided under an SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

MOBILE FRIENDLY soLearn works as well on a mobile device as it does on a large screen.

Outstanding value for money: fully hosted service!

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