Frequently asked Questions and Answers
Can I compare staff knowledge awareness of processes for the same functions or departments at various sites?
How much does it cost ?
I don’t like multiple choice type questions. They are easy to guess and can give misleading and false results.
This sounds just what I want but surely it must need an army of administration staff to support it?
I already have a comprehensive human resource admin system with all my staff records – how does this fit in?
How does soLearn link to existing training materials and procedures?
What technology is needed?
How is soLearn licensed?
Can I share my licenses with other partners?
Can you offer training and support?
Can you help us implement our project if we need additional resource?
How do I find more information?

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** licence pricing for organisation with more than 1000 staff is negotiable


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WHY SOLEARN? What makes soLearn different to other e-learning products?

ACCESSIBLE WORLD-WIDE soLearn is a fully hosted system, provided under an SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

MOBILE FRIENDLY soLearn works as well on a mobile device as it does on a large screen.

Outstanding value for money: fully hosted service!

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