Key Features
What makes soLearn stand out from the crowd?

Based on a powerful workflow tool

  • Provides a dedicated on-line portal. Each candidate has direct access to training material and tests, and their performance is tracked,
  • Chases and Escalates.  Candidates are automatically reminded of overdue tests. Where necessary issues are escalated to the appropriate manager,
  • In the event of a failed test, the candidate is guided to appropriate revision material and automatically invited to re-test,
  • Individual performances are tracked and made available through an online management portal,
  • Instant access drill down reporting. Who did what when and how well did they do,
  • Analyses performance trends, by individuals, groups, locations etc.

Sampled Testing

  • Randomly selects questions from a larger question pool
  • Avoids collusion between staff,
  • Valuable for testing the knowledge of a broad population, whilst keeping individual questionnaires concise.

Provides an improved recruitment, induction and on-boarding processes.

  • Candidates are provided with material during recruitment. They are able to familiarise themselves with processes and procedures, values of the organisation etc. before joining and starting their job. This supports greater productivity, facilitates induction and provides new starters with an embedded knowledge base.

Retains permanent audit trail of all activity

  • A full training and knowledge awareness history for each employee
  • The number of attempts required to pass and those questions that were answered incorrectly. This identifies trends and also enables the identification of shortcomings in any training material or processes.

Confidence Levels

  • Individuals are required to state the level of confidence in their answer. This provides additional insight beyond simple knowledge retention.
  • A correct answer with low confidence level indicates a lack of confidence A wrong answer with a high level of confidence could indicate embedded bad practice. The four possible outcomes are shown in the matrix below

Gamification Features

Facilitates unique gamification algorithms that can assess performance for all resource levels of an organisation or location. soLearn facilities and encourages competition between all users to become high achievers as all users can be ranked against any campaign or against their overall performance. Staff can competitively self-assess their ranking with their co-workers. 


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WHY SOLEARN? What makes soLearn different to other e-learning products?

ACCESSIBLE WORLD-WIDE soLearn is a fully hosted system, provided under an SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

MOBILE FRIENDLY soLearn works as well on a mobile device as it does on a large screen.

Outstanding value for money: fully hosted service!

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