About soLearnTM

soLearnTM knowledge retention testing management software....

  • Removes the mystery from organisational investment in people and resources
  • Delivers immediate benefit in terms of organisational and staff performance
  • Offers huge flexibility in terms of its application : small groups or whole workforce

soLearn is a management tool to support corporate knowledge retention and compliance management. It provides an automated process for you to measure and verify how closely your organisation’s strategic, operational and governance requirements are being met and helps identify areas where improvement may be needed.

soLearn can be applied to any business process, training or compliance campaign associated with legal, financial, human resourcing, safety, quality, social and environmental responsibility, and other reputational issues. It provides knowledge retention trend validation over extended periods.

soLearn is user friendly, low maintenance and adaptable for use in any industry or market, profession or organisation, public sector or government application anywhere in the world. We can even customise it with your own corporate logos and colour schemes or customised reports.

soLearn supports investment in people, resources, staff performance and operational governance through knowledge management and retention. 

soLearnTM e-assessment software - a safe, secure and fully hosted service.